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The Woman behind the dress

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Why Are We Called Bachhara?

Bachhara (pronounced ba·Kar·Rah) plural \ ’ba-kʌ-rʌʌ\

[Bengali, children, The Middle English plural childer or childre became children by association with plurals, Old English cild of Germanic origin]

Why we called ourselves Bachhara?

The well-being of children and those who care for children is at the heart of Bachhara.

Beauty Of Women
Beauty of all women

Bachhara is a fashion label that is determined to serve all women, whether its our producers or our consumers, the well being of all women we work with is at the heart of what we do. We believe that beauty does not come in one colour, shape, age or size and we know that a world full of empowered women who deeply love themselves will be a better world for all. You won’t see any photoshop on our models or our fashion images. We aspire to showcase the diversity of external beauty through our work and celebrate the radiance that shines from within all women.

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Why Ethical Fashion
Why Ethical Fashion

Every year billions of dollars are spent on fashion. We love fashion, it has the power to uplift and inspire a woman’s beauty, creativity and self esteem, fashion can help a woman step forth into the world with confidence.

However much of today’s fashion is coming at too great a cost. The men, women and children who are responsible for making our favourite brands are currently the cost of our pleasure and this is something that we at Bachhara passionately believe in changing. We aspire to have every woman who wears a Bachhara dress to feel the pride and joy that went into making them. We wish for our consumers to deeply feel the weaving of dreams that are contained in our threads. Our hope is that our work in Bangladesh continues to inspire a ripple effect throughout the entire fashion industry changing the way we as consumers relate to the men and women who make our clothes.

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Our Partners
Our Partners

JAAGO began in November 2007 with a small room containing a white board, a marker, and a little mat for the 17 students to sit on. Today Jaago is the biggest youth lead volunteer organisation in Bangladesh, providing free of cost education to over 1800 school aged children living beneath the poverty line.

The JAAGO Foundations vision is to have a free of cost JAAGO School in every district of Bangladesh in order to help them achieve their dream of giving every child in Bangladesh the ability to receive quality education. Jaago also aims to empower the underprivileged masses by introducing micro-projects like the Bachhara sewing centre program to ensure a sustainable livelihood for the wider community.

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About Us

Welcome to the world of Bachhara, a place where soul marries beauty and contribution has a love affair with commerce.

Our world is one where women can enjoy the pleasures of life and fashion, whilst knowing that these pleasures are not coming at the cost of those less fortunate than themselves.

Bachhara meaning children in Bengali was inspired by the children of the Bangladeshi slums, children whom despite their hardship still love and celebrate life. The seed that inspired our dresses came from the story of a mother’s love, her willingness to sacrifice her own needs for the sack of her child's. A universal story we see in the lives of so many women all over the world. The sheer determination and strength that women possess to do what needs to be done for those they love.

Our dresses are a physical manifestation of this love, the strength and unconditional giving of women is the backbone of why we do what we do.

Bachhara is an opportunity for women globally to adorn themselves. To say Yes to their own well being and to their own beauty, whilst also contributing to the well being of others. We believe in empowering all women in this world regardless of age, shape, culture or religion to shine. We believe women working together can create miracles.

So welcome to Bachhara, we are so glad you’re here, get comfortable, relish in our inspiring words, remove the old clothes and heaviness that lay on your shoulders, step into our guilt free, ethereal, handmade delights and feel, even for just a moment that you are the queen of the world and that life is here to serve you.

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