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Hope is born by participation in hopefull solutions‏

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I came across the title of this blog post whilst doing some late night reading last week. It resonated with me immediately and I thought what better way to start the new Bachhara blog than by sharing it's medicine.

Over the past seven years that I've spent volunteering in India, Bangladesh and Nepal I've had more than enough experiences to inspire me to loose hope and give up on the world. In fact If you are someone who watches or reads the news you have probably also experienced enough to feel the same way.

The moments of me loosing hope have not been pretty and those moments have sometimes lasted for entire weeks. I've sulked and screamed out to my wall on many occasions "what's the point?, why even bother?".

However I've always been lucky enough to pull myself out of these states by knowing that I am actually living part of a hopeful solution. I have done my little bit to help a wonderful school in Bangladesh, and by establishing Bachhara this little bit has been able to be widely shared. What may at times seem like a small offering for us has actually meant a great deal to the children receiving the support from us on the other end. It has meant the difference between them having the opportunity to attend school or not.

So as I write this and we launch our new website, I wish to remind all of our amazing customers and supporters whom without; none of our work with Bachhara or Jaago would be possible.

That when you and if your ever feel like there is no more hope left within you, remember us, and remember that by shopping with us, you are part of a hopeful solution and many small hopeful solutions make a world worth living for.

So with deep gratitude we wish to Thank you for being you and being on this journey with us.

Love Amanda, Lidija and the entire Bachhara team. 

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